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HMO Scotland Ltd was formed in 2002 and since that time we have successfully achieved thousands of HMO Licences for our clients. Our unrivalled level of service and customer satisfaction has cemented our position as the leading HMO specialist in Edinburgh.

HMO Scotland provides a friendly and highly personal service and enjoys good working relationships with Council inspectors and staff. This is all to the benefit of our clients.

As you would expect from an RICS regulated firm HMO Scotland is a professional and trustworthy company. As a result the company benefits from a high level of repeat business and our success has been built on client recommendations and steady growth. We believe that our relationships with our clients are key to the service that we provide. As a result our clients know that the service we offer is not limited to individual properties, we are always happy to provide advice on the various issues that arise in HMO properties and we see this as part of our role.

There are in excess of 5000 HMO properties in Edinburgh alone, currently these require to be licensed on an annual basis. With such a high number of HMO properties the need for a specialist company to provide accurate advice and assistance to the private landlord and Property Manager is undiminished.

Whether you have 1 property or 100 HMO Scotland is happy to help.

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