HMO Upgrades

HMO Scotland manages all aspects of HMO Licensing from submission of the licence application and completion of all works through to the processing of the licence and notification of neighbours.

The initial step of the process is for a survey of the property to be carried out which will allow a schedule of works to be drawn up; this will include our estimate for completion of all works. Typically all HMO flats will require the installation of a fire alarm and detection system and the upgrading of certain doors to protect the means of escape within the flat. However, each property is different and different standards may apply, this is why a survey of the flat is an important start to the process.

Our aim is to carry out upgrading works as cost effectively as possible and with the minimum impact on the property. Our team of tradesmen benefit from many years experience of upgrading flats for HMO Licence. In many cases HMO flats can be upgraded in a more sympathetic manner than may at first be apparent and often without the need for additional costs.

Please call us to arrange a survey of your property.

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